Terms & Conditions

When you place an order with TIPSY GIPSY you are developing a contract with us.
Pricing & availability
Prices will be shown in AED and charged in AED. All prices are indicated in the product descriptions.
We will always try to have as many products as possible listed on the website although we can’t be responsible if we run out of a product in time due to extreme success. However, we will be committed to replace it as soon as possible to attend the possible orders. 
Payments will be done via credit card as indicated in the section. Only in the case of Dubai deliveries we can accept cash on delivery if you prefer as it will be our driver bringing the item to you. In that case you should send us a mail to info@tipsygipsydubai 
Alterations to Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to make changes to our website, policies, terms and conditions at any time
Governing Law 
The above terms and conditions are governed by the laws of UAE