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Our passion is to search for beauty around the world to turn everything and everyone even more pretty through positive energy and sustainability and a conscious approach to producing Slow Fashion.

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Buying a Tipsy Gipsy piece is more than acquiring a piece of clothing. You will be part of a new world that spreads around the Globe and matches the TG spirit. We are travellers, fun-lovers, readers, lively people and you can find us everywhere. We have spotted our designs all over the planet. It’s an environmentally friendly clothing line, concerned with the improvement of living standards of the people behind the brand and Mother Earth.

We believe in women empowerment. Our tailors and embroiders are selected on the basis of a personal relationship, with the aim to improve their daily life. There is a name, face and story behind every dress that has been created with love, time and care.

Be Boho, Be Chic, Be Boho-Chic, be a Tipsy Gipsy… Be one of Us